‎سعودی عرب ,,سے ریال ,,,بھیجنے والوں کی آج تو موجیں,, لگ گئیں جانیے،،

سعودی عرب ,,سے ریال ,,,بھیجنے والوں کی آج تو موجیں,, لگ گئیں جانیے،،,تفصیل نیچے ویڈیو میں ملا خط فرمائیں

The years will go by and there will come a 

point in time when they will not only have separated emotionally from their parents, but they will have also separated mentally form them. This will allow them to live their own life and to come to their own conclusion and to form their own views. Through being secure and comfortable in their own skin, they will be able to stand with others and they will be able to stand by themselves. Still, this doesn’t mean that they will have completely separated from their parents.

One can then go along to get along and they can accept whatever they are told and believe whatever the people around them believe. Asserting themselves and forming their own conclusions will then be seen as something that would put their very survival at risk, as they are in a boundaryless state and lack a strong sense of themselves. At their current level of development, living their own life and thinking for themselves won’t be of any interest. For this to change, they will need to go through the other developmental stages.

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